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Anastasia Biserova

Dancer | Singer | Actress
Anastasia Biserova
is a world bellydance champion, professional choreographer, actress
and singer.
Anastasia is a Middle East celebrity, works with one of the largest production centers El Sobki Production in Egypt. Acted in plenty of popular music videos and films, as well as took part
in TV shows.
In 2019 she released her first music hit Ya Habibi Taala and now she is working at new singles.
Anastasia performs on the best stages of Cairo, gives her dance master classes and shows worldwide.
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Ya Habibi Taala
Look around and catch the opportunity everywhere, here and there, to clear your mind and bring your abilities to a new quality level

7 days - 10$ (10€)
Pro only or if you wish to be like this
10.05 - 16.05
1. Complex techniques: for example, tabla solo.

2. Musical instruments in Arab music, and how to dance with them.

3. Choreography to a classical song without words (we will dance and express our emotions evoked by the solo instrument).

4. Modern oriental choreography (we will maintain the traditions of Egyptian style, but add some spectacular tricks that we love with all our heart).

5. Differences among oriental, shaabi and baladi techniques.

6. Haliji: basic steps, performance of hands, head and hair.

7. Improvisation: advanced level. We will analyze different styles of music, rhythms and instruments.

How to participate

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Veryday there will be IG Livestream at 3 p.m.(Moscow). The live will be saved till the 31th of MAY

➕Feedback in comments and questions in stories
➕Videos on IGTV to rewatch and revise
➕A drawing of an annual subscription to Anastasia Biserova's online school

Daily show in Cairo:
Fairmont Nile city hotel
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